Reschedule Guidelines


This page is information for coaches to request a reschedule of a soccer game.

Reschedules are subject  to proper procedure, lead time requirements and potential fees.


The coach is responsible for submitting reschedule request, except those reschedules that are weather related.


Requesting coach is responsible for contacting opposing coach.

Coaches are responsible for submitting 3 or 4 dates and times.

CYSL allows  for approved reschedules to be submitted 96 hours in advance.Please do not request Wednesdays or Sundays


Reschedules are allowed for CYSL approved conflicts.

Examples of approved CYSL conflicts are curriculum night, back to school night, school music programs, Confirmation, First Communion, religious retreats.....


Example of the reschedule page:

     Game: 1234

                  U9Boys Division 1

                  CTK Team vs Cath team

                  Thurs Aug 20,2011  530 pm

     Your Name:  Jane Doe

     Your email

     Your team:   CTK team


Reason for Reschedule:  _____________________________________________________

Please List some dates and times your team can play: ______________________________

Has the opposing coach agreed? _______________________________________________

You must login to reschedule:   

UserName: First initial of first name and then your last name

Password: Your last name with first letter capitalized.