U7 Rules

U7 CYSL  --  Small-sided Games    Modified Playing Rules (Effective Fall 2019)    
Number of Players 4V4 Maximum,  4 field players + 0 GK      
    3 players must be present to start a game    
    Teams may have players of both genders, if necessary, to fill out roster  
Roster Size   8 Maximum          
Field Dimensions Rectangular:     Between 25-35 yards by 15-25 yards recommended  
    Spectators should be three yards from end lines of regulation field  
Markings   The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line  
    The center mark is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line  
Build Out Line None.  Players should be behind halfway line on goal kicks.  
Goals   4' X 6' are recommended        
    Goals must be anchored securely to the ground    
Goal Area   None          
Penalty Area None          
Flag Posts   Flags shall be placed at the corners and center line    
Corner Arc   None          
Ball    Size 3          
Duration of play 10 minute quarters - 5 minute half time      
Offside   None          
Free Kicks & Corner Kicks All free kicks will be direct.  All opponents at least 4 yards from the ball.
Start & Restart of Play Conform to FIFA except that all opponents at least 4 yards from the ball.
    The ball must travel the distance of its circumference.  
Headers   Not permitted.        
    Results in opposition taking indirect free kick at the spot of infraction.  
Fouls & Misconduct All intentional fouls will result in an indirect free kick at the spot of infraction.
Substitutions UNLIMITED and at any stoppage.  Each child should play at least half of game.
Penalty Kicks None          
Throw-In   Conform to FIFA except for one redo per throw.    
Goal Kick             Conform to FIFA.        
    Goal kick taken from any point 4 yards in front of, or to the side of goal.  
Ball In & Out of Play Conform to FIFA.        
Method of Scoring Conform to FIFA.        
    Coaches are encouraged to control win margin if possible.  
Referees   None